Case Studies

  • TVOC Monitor- Office building in the high-tech park

    TVOC Monitor- Office building in the high-tech park

    The office building is located in a high-tech park, it’s basement is connect with underground garage and kitchen, the office building is needed to to tackle the complex challenge associated with TVOC has risen above the acceptable standard during the working time especially in the morning.

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  • Healthy Living Symposium-Tongdy & WELL

    Healthy Living Symposium-Tongdy & WELL

    The air quality monitors of Tongdy are perfectly integrated with the interior space of WELL Living Lab. The real-time online data provided the basic data for the future experiments and research of WELL Living Lab.

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  • MSD of Tongdy are used in famous theMART

    MSD of Tongdy are used in famous theMART

    theMART was awarded LEED Silver Certification in 2007 and LEED Gold Certification in 2013. MSD of TONGDY is an excellent IAQ monitor with commercial level, has been used in many green builds to provide the reliable data of indoor air quality.

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On-site products application

Indoor/In-duct/Outdoor Air Quality Monitors&Controllers

With our wide range of products and their combinations, you must be sure to find the right one for your application.


Air Quality Monitors in Business Offices
Working together with a data platform to analyze and evaluate air quality accurately

Carbon Dioxide Monitor in BAS and HVAC systems
Wall/Duct mount type, real-time measure carbon dioxide with control outputs


Carbon Monoxide &Ozone Controller
Strong control functions and optional RS485 (Modbus RTU or BACnet), Wi-Fi communication

Temperature&Humidity Controller
Indoor and in-duct temp.&humidity transmitter and controller, support for custom controllers