Professional In-Duct Air Quality Monitor

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Model: PMD
Key words:
Proffesional commercial grade monitor
PM2.5/ PM10/CO2/TVOC/Temperature/Humidity Optional CO /Ozone
In-air duct using
RS485/Wi-Fi/RJ45 and three power supply


An air quality monitor used in air duct with its unique structure design and professional data output.
It can provide you reliable data consistently in its full lifecycle.
It has remotely track, diagnose, and correct data functions to ensure continuous accuracy and reliability outputs.
It has pm2.5/pm10/co2/tvoc sensing and optional formaldehyde and CO sensing in air duct, also temperature and humidity detection together.
With a large air bearing fan, it automatically regulates fan speed to ensure a constant air volume, enhancing stability and longevity during extended operation.

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In-Duct Air Quality Detector PMD Series


• PMD-18 in-duct air quality detector is specially designed for monitoring multi-parameter air quality in air duct, Which is installed in wind duct or return air duct.
• The built-in sensor module uses Tongdy’s patented data algorithm, with enclosed cast aluminium structure. It ensures the stability, air closure and shielding, greatly improves the anti-interference ability.
• Built-in a large air bearing fan, regulate the fan speed automatically, guarantee constant air volume and improve the stability and lifetime in long-term working.
• Special design of pitot tube, instead the air pump mode, adapt to a wider range of wind speeds. To have longer lifetime and no need to change the air pump frequently.
• Easy to clean filter mesh, can be disassembled and used many times
• With temperature and humidity compensation, reduce the impact of environmental change.
• Real-time monitoring parameters: particles (PM2.5 and PM10), carbon dioxide (CO2), TVOC, air temperature and humidity, as well as optional carbon monoxide or formaldehyde,.
• Independently measure the temperature and humidity in the air duct, avoid interference from other sensors and monitoring heating.
• Provides WIFI, RJ45 Ethernet, RS485 Modbus communication interfaces selection. Provide multiple communication protocol choices.
• Connect to the data acquisition/analysis software platform to achieve data storage, data comparison and data analysis.
• Data can be read and displayed on-site with blue tooth or the operation tool.
• Working with MSD indoor air quality monitors together, comprehensively and accurately analyze the air quality. Quantitative assessment of indoor air pollution.
• Working with TF9 series outdoor air environment monitors together to form a partial and complete regional air quality monitoring, analysis and treatment system.


General Data
Power Supply 12~28VDC/18~27VAC or 100~240VAC (optional)
Communication Interface Choose one in the following
  1. RS485
RS485/RTU9600bps 8N1(default), 15KV Antistatic protection
  1. RJ45(Ethernet TCP)
MQTT protocol, Modbus customization or Modbus TCP optional
  1. WiFi@2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n
MQTT protocol, Modbus customization or Modbus TCP optional
Data upload interval cycle Average / 60 seconds
Applicable air speed of duct 2.0~15m/s
Working Condition -20℃~60℃/ 0~99%RH, (No condensation)
Storage Condition 0℃~50℃/ 10~60%RH
Overall Dimension 180X125X65.5mm
Pitot tube size 240mm
Net weight 850g
Shell material PC material
CO2 Data
Sensor Non-Dispersive Infrared Detector (NDIR)
Measuring Range 02,000ppm
Output Resolution 1ppm
Accuracy ±50ppm + 3% of reading or ±75ppm  (whichever is bigger)  25, 10%~80%RH
Particle Data
Sensor Laser particle sensor
Measuring Range PM2.5: 0~500μg/㎥  PM10: 0~500μg/㎥;
Output values moving average/60 seconds,  moving average/1 hour,  moving average/24 hours
Output Resolution 0.1μg/
Zero Point Stability <2.5μg/
PM2.5 Accuracy (mean per hour) <±5μg/㎥+10% reading0~300μg/㎥ @10~3010~60%RH
Sensor Metal oxide sensor
Measuring Range 03.5mg/m3
Output Resolution 0.001mg/m3
Accuracy <±0.05mg/m3+ 15% of reading25, 10%~60%RH
Temp.& Humi. Data
Sensor Band gap material temperature sensor、Capacitive humidity sensor
Temperature range -20℃~60℃
Relative humidity range 0~99%RH
Output Resolution Temperature: 0.01℃        humidity:0.01%RH
Accuracy ±0.5℃,3.5%RH(25℃, 10%~60%RH)
CO Data (option)
Sensor Electrochemical CO sensor
Measuring Range 0100ppm
Output Resolution 0.1ppm
Accuracy ±1ppm+ 5of reading(25℃, 10%~60%RH)
OZONE (option)
Sensor Electrochemical Ozone sensor
Measuring Range 0~2000ug∕ @200~2mg/m3
Output Resolution 2ug∕
Accuracy ±20ug/m3+ 10of reading(25℃, 10%~60%RH)
HCHO Data (option)
Sensor Electrochemical Formaldehyde sensor
Measuring Range 0~0.6mg∕
Output Resolution 0.001mg∕
Accuracy ±0.005mg/+5% of reading  (25℃, 10%~60%RH)

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